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bobbers's Journal

12 March
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We were shooting at a mound of dirt
Nothing was broken and nothing was hurt
But I probablly really shouldve been at work
But if my free times gone, would you promise me this?
That you will please bury me with it

Well as sure as planets come I know that they end
And if im hear when that happens
Could you promise me this my friend?
That you will please bury me with it
I dont need none of that mad max bullshit

The suit got tight and it split at the seams
Well I kept it out of habit
And I kept it real clean
But if its getting faded and its running out of thread
Could you do this for me my friend?
Please bury me with it

Well we moved to the left
And we moved to the right
And sure as hell we stayed out almost every single night
But if the partys over
And the fun has to end
Can you do this for me my friend?
Please just bury me with it

We were aiming for the moon
We were shooting at the stars
But the kids were just shooting at the busses and the cars
Sp dont drink the water
Dont you breathe the air
And if its gotten that bad then id have to declare
That will you please, bury me with it

Well fads they come and fads they go
And GOD i loved that rock and roll
The point was fast, but it was too hard to miss
Life handed us a paycheck we said
"We worked harder than this"
Please bury me with it